10.25.2014 : 2014 Annual Strike Out Homelessness Bowl-A-Thon

2014-10-25_StrikeOutHomeless_smThe Kelly Group once again sponsored and participated in the 2014 annual Strike Out Homelessness Bowl-A-Thon on Saturday, October 25th. The event benefits Faith Communities and Civic Agencies United (FCCAU), a charitable organization that operates, Welcome One, Harford County’s only full-service emergency homeless shelter. This year, The Kelly Group entered two competing teams. Pictured are: Lois Kissinger Kelly and grandchildren Luke and Will, Jodi Davis, Allison Bertrand, Daria Arrington, Michele Joyner, Chuck Wienckowski, Michael Bertrand, Chad Arrington and Bill Kelly.

10.01.2014 : Panel Discussion Focuses on “Your Greatest Legacy”

2014-10-01_PeaceofMind_smDeath is not a topic most of us like to talk about. For that reason, all too often when the inevitable does occur, our loved ones may find themselves not just emotionally bereft but also feeling lost and confused. Routine estate planning, while essential, does not usually prepare our family for the flood of questions they will have and the multitude of tasks they will face upon our passing.

To help fill this common gap in estate planning, on Wednesday, October 1, The Kelly Group hosted a special panel discussion on, “Your Greatest Legacy: Peace of Mind.” Held at the Maryland Golf and Country Clubs, the panel featured Kelly Group advisors, along with Howard McComas, IV and Melissa Kennedy from McComas Funeral Homes. Howard and Melissa expertly addressed issues pertaining to planning—and paying—for the funeral and services, raising questions few of us would have the foresight to think about. Their insightful and thought-provoking presentation triggered many interesting questions from our one hundred guests.

The panel, moderated by Bryan Kelly, then raised a wide variety of other topics families must face to be better prepared. The panel discussed such questions as what happens to investment accounts in the immediate days after the death of the owner; what are our “digital assets” and what does our family have to know about them; and how can we best organize our financial affairs to make it easiest for our survivors. As a touching example of the pain that can result from the lack of adequate preparation, Jodi Davis relayed a heartfelt message from one of our clients who recently had to cope with the unexpected and tragic loss of her husband. The client’s words eloquently described the despair of not only grieving, but feeling overwhelmed and confused.

We at The Kelly Group hope that our event serves as an inspiration for all of us to better prepare our families and ourselves so that when the time comes, one of our greatest legacies will be our family’s peace of mind.

For more information about the topics covered at this event, or to request a copy of our Survivor’s Notebook, please contact Charlie at cwolpoff@kellygrouponline.com.