CPA and Consulting Services

The Kelly Group understands that its clients must comply with an often complex array of government rules and regulations, impacting both individuals and businesses. Our Team of CPAs can help you address these issues. We begin by gaining a holistic understanding of you and your circumstances so we can provide customized and appropriate solutions and guidance. Our services include tax planning and preparation, accounting services and financial statement compilation. In addition, we work with business owners on their succession planning and help administer estates and trusts.

Tax Preparation and Planning
Our complex tax code constantly changes, but rarely simplifies. Whether you are an individual subject to capital gains or the alternative minimum tax, or a business owner impacted by arcane depreciation schedules, our Team of experienced tax professionals can provide high quality, yet affordable, tax preparation and tax planning services—so you don’t have to navigate through these issues on your own.

Trusts and Estates Administration
You find yourself as a personal representative of an estate or trustee of a trust. What do you do? Or perhaps you are the grantor or beneficiary of a trust. The complex rules regarding the administration of trusts and estates can be overwhelming. Let The Kelly Group’s CPAs handle the delicate and necessary tasks of preparing and filing estate and trust tax returns, as well as other administrative issues faced by estates and trusts.

Business Services
Successful business owners and executives know that businesses thrive by focusing on what they do well, and outsourcing what does not fall within their expertise. That is why our business clients find so much value in our CPA and business consulting services. These services include compilation of financial statements, quarterly tax projections, payroll tax reporting, employee benefits analysis, and small business accounting services using Quickbooks. In addition, we provide business owners guidance on their business succession strategies.

Advice in Times of Crisis
Are you facing a pending divorce? Is your business partnership splitting up? Did a key employee pass away suddenly? Life is filled with unpredictable events. We are often not equipped to deal with the immediate ramifications and stress of such unwelcome or even tragic developments. Our CPA Team provides a depth and breadth of experience that equips us with the knowledge and wisdom to guide you and your business through these difficult passages.

To find out more information about how our CPAs can be of service to you or your business, call us at 410-893-0560 or email Michele Wolbert at