WELCOME to Our Firm

Some years ago—back in 1996—my nephew Bryan and I sat around the kitchen table at my Harford County farmhouse planting the seeds for THE KELLY GROUP.

After years of working in the financial planning industry, both of us were passionate about helping people, but felt called to do so with a more personal connection. Our discussion envisioned a practice different from others, a firm that would reflect the best of family and small town values—diligence, a facility to listen, a commitment to community, and a dedication to stewardship.

The seeds we planted that day grew into a locally-­‐based planning firm we are proud to call our own. Today, we are humbled by the recognition THE KELLY GROUP has received from our community. Such recognition has included the Harford County Preservation Project Award for rehabilitating historic buildings that we use today as our offices, the Harford Chamber’s Small Business of the Year Award, and Harford Magazine’s Best Financial Adviser as part of that publication’s Best of Harford readers’ poll. Our ongoing commitment to community is further reflected in the many leadership positions held by our members with local nonprofit and educational boards.

When I think of our firm and its success, I think of Team and Family. Based in Bel Air, THE KELLY GROUP is comprised of a wonderfully proficient, deep, dedicated, and experienced Team of financial professionals and support staff— including a full service Certified Public Accounting (CPA) and consulting component. By working collaboratively, our Team is able to look beyond the numbers, seeking holistic approaches in helping our clients make smart decisions.

Moreover, we treat our clients, neighbors and friends as Family, with a devotion that leads to unparalleled service. We cultivate long-­‐term, multigenerational relationships based on mutual trust. As a member of our Family, you can look to us for wise strategic guidance in helping you accumulate and manage your wealth, and ultimately distribute your legacy to your heirs. We don’t take lightly the importance of helping you secure peace of mind and achieve financial health and stability. Realizing that money is merely a means to an end, we see ourselves as a steward not just of your wealth, but of your life goals as well.

It is our mission to leave behind a firm that will be flourishing 100 years from now, continuing to help its community prosper. That mission can only be achieved one relationship at a time. We look forward to building a long and rewarding relationship with you, working together to create positive outcomes For Every Branch of Life.



William S. Kelly, CPA, CFP®

“Built to last is not fundamentally about building to last. It is about building something worthy of lasting—about building a company of such intrinsic excellence that the world would lose something important if that organization ceased to exist .…We are more convinced than ever that building an enduring great company—one that is worthy of lasting—is a noble cause.” Jim Collins, “Built to Last”