From June 27-29, Bryan attended the PIMCO Independent Financial Advisor Advisory Council meeting at PIMCO headquarters in Newport Beach, CA.  Bryan is a founding member of PIMCO’s Advisory Council, which consists of a select number of advisors nationwide. The purpose of the Council is to encourage candid conversations with PIMCO officials about its investment strategies and how it can better help advisors meet client needs. While advisors generally serve a two-year commitment, PIMCO has asked Bryan to extend his tenure through a third year.  Bryan, one of twelve advisors attending, engaged in substantive conversations with PIMCO’s executive leadership, including PIMCO’s president, as well as a senior economist, portfolio managers and asset allocation specialists. The discussion was particularly timely in light of major regulatory changes in the industry, and ongoing developments in the fixed income markets. 

 The meeting was also an opportunity for Bryan to update our research on PIMCO, one of The Kelly Group’s long-time fixed income strategists, as part of TKG’s ongoing due diligence process. “I came away from these meetings with continued confidence that our client’s assets remain in the industry’s finest and most capable hands,” Bryan said. PIMCO is one of the world’s largest investment managers, with about $1.6 trillion of assets.