The Kelly Group Culture

In the business world, one is taught that an organization must follow a mission, believe in a vision, and hold onto core values. That sounds all well and good, but in the real world, mission, vision and values too often remain mere words and fail to come alive. What is it that can translate an organization’s noble aspirations into reality? We believe it is the organization’s culture.

Yes, we provide below our own mission, vision, and value statements. But they would be meaningless without the culture that has organically developed inside of The Kelly Group since its inception in 1997. Our founders, Bryan and Bill Kelly, have made clear their commitment to:

•Develop deep and meaningful client relationships reminiscent of those special relationships the best small town doctors once developed with their patients;
•Unfailingly deliver state-of-the-art service; and
•Provide unwavering support to our community.

Every member of The Kelly Group Team understands, believes in, and dedicates themselves to fulfilling these commitments. That is what we call The Kelly Group culture. And that is what breathes life into the words below.

bulletin leaf_0000_KG-leaf Mission

To counsel and guide clients with wisdom and empathy, resulting in client behavior most conducive to achieving financial and life goals.

bulletin leaf_0000_KG-leafVision

Our clients tell their loved ones, “If something happens to me, your first call should be to The Kelly Group.”

bulletin leaf_0000_KG-leafCore Values

Using our best efforts to protect and grow our clients’ assets.
Saying what we mean and meaning what we say.
Listening to our clients, with our minds and our hearts.
Providing prudent, thoughtful advice based on extensive experience and expertise across multiple disciplines.
Working together for one common purpose: To provide unparalleled client service.
Maintaining deep roots in the community and a commitment to serve our clients and future generations.
Standing as a pillar of support for our vital institutions and for people in need.