12.2015 – Key Numbers for 2016

Like it or not, numbers play a big role in various aspects of our financial planning. Here are 2016 numbers regarding such items as:

•Itemized deduction phaseouts (p.5)
•Medicare tax info (p.6)
•Income tax rates (pp. 9-11)
•Business planning info (pp. 12-14)
•Estate planning numbers (p. 19)
•Social Security (20-22)
•Medicare (22-23)
•Retirement planning (including 401(k) and IRA contribution limits) (pp. 24-26)
•…and more.

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TKG’S Eight Fundamental Investment Principles

The Kelly Group firmly believes that a successful investor invests for the long term and does not make decisions based on the daily headlines. But how does one ignore the noise from the 24-hour news cycle, which seems to be either constantly warning us that the market is climbing too high and we must get out, or that the market is crashing and that we must get out?

Successful investors adhere to fundamental principles that keep them anchored to their long-term plan. Based on our own experiences and analysis of the practices of well-respected investment professionals, we have developed over the years our set of core investment principles. We believe that always keeping these principles in mind can help us stay on track without being swayed by the fears and fads of the day.

We set out these principles below. In client wealth management reviews and future communications, we will continue to elaborate on these concepts.

  1. Investing is a means to an end not an end in itself. The client’s unique circumstances should dictate the investment strategy.
  2. The greatest risk is inflation. Any investment strategy must weigh the risk of short-term volatility against the far more significant long-term risk posed by the loss of purchasing power.
  3. Volatility is the price paid to beat inflation. The investor is paid a premium over the long term for accepting short-term uncertainty.
  4. In the short term, the only certainty is uncertainty. The 24-hour news cycle is at best a distraction, at worst an obstacle, to sound investment decision making.
  5. Short term forecasts are useless for investing. The sad record of predictions by “experts” has proven that no one knows what the markets or economy will do in the short term.
  6. History vindicates faith in our long-term future. Often, the best time to be in the market is when things look most bleak.
  7. Successful investing requires a disciplined process. No individual decision is as important as painstaking adherence to that process.
  8. The investor’s own behavior is the key to success. The Kelly Group helps our clients leave their emotions behind and stick to a well-constructed, disciplined investment plan.