Wealth Management

Wealth management addresses the accumulation, preservation, and strategic distribution of wealth. Our Wealth Management process can help you achieve your most cherished goals and dreams “for every branch of life.”

The Kelly Group Team–experienced, deep, professional, and knowledgeable–is passionate in its commitment to providing high quality Wealth Management. Our process consists of a broad array of services, including financial planning, capital management, estate and elder care planning, and charitable planning.

Financial Planning
We start our Wealth Management process with a wide-ranging, in-depth financial plan. In conversations with you, we help gather and organize your data, identify your concerns and priorities, and define your goals. From this information, we develop the plan along with a list of recommendations that together we discuss and fine tune. It is at this stage when the plan truly comes to life. We work with you to implement the recommendations and continue to monitor and review the plan’s progress, adapting strategies along the way for changes in circumstances. For more on our financial planning process.

Capital Management
In order to help your hard-earned assets grow in a manner consistent with your risk tolerance, we use a disciplined investment process anchored to time-tested investment principles. We believe investing is not about following flashy short-term investment trends that may temporarily impress, but in the long-run fails to help accomplish your goals. Rather, our investing process is client-centric and goal-oriented. For more on our capital management process.

Estate and Elder Care Planning
You have worked your entire life to accumulate assets so that you and your family can live the life you have together envisioned. As we all discover, life is an unpredictable journey. Some find their way to their dream. Others may end up heading in an unanticipated direction. Regardless, the journey with all its wonders, its highs and lows, peaks and valleys, inevitably ends. There comes a time when we can no longer care for our family; rather, they must care for us. And one day they will be without us.

We cannot prevent the end of your journey. But we can help you plan for it. Proper estate and elder care planning involves working with you and your other advisors to assure you have proper documents in place, that if you become incapacitated the appropriate decisions can still be made and actions still take place, that the titling of assets is appropriate, that your estate plan assures the distribution of your assets that best complies with your wishes and minimizes tax and transaction costs. Above all, we work with you to help you leave your loved ones a legacy you can be proud of.

Charitable Planning
What kind of world do you want for your children and future generations? You can have an impact by donating some of your wealth to a charity, place of worship, or community organization. There are various planning strategies that enable you to make charitable contributions during your lifetime or through your estate plan in a manner that can do good for the community, while providing you or your family with tax benefits and the gratification that comes from helping others less fortunate.

To find out more about our Wealth Management process, feel free to contact The Kelly Group Team at 410-893-0560.